Realgres 2cm Outdoor Floor Tiles for Hotel Used in Japan

Published by Realgres 2021-03-26

Clients Name: MR. KOJIRO

Location: Kumamoto city, Chuo ward, Kyomachi, Japan

Product: Tulip tiles, 2cm outdoor floor tiles

Size: 800*800*10mm, 600*600*20mm

Application: Exhibition Hall and Guest House.



Mr. KOJIRO contacted us from the website and needed tiles. We responded to customers within 1 hour, and found that the customer came from a clean, quiet country - Japan. Mr. KOJIRO was going to use these tiles in the hotel,  but he did not have much ideas about the color and specifications. According to the customer's demand and price expectations, we recommended some floor tiles suitable for hotels with our previous experience in Japanese engineering cases.


2cm Outdoor Floor Tiles for Hotel Used in Japan


First, we sent the tiles catalog to the customer and he has selected 800*800 tulips polished tiles, Very wearable and economical.

Then the customer replied that he also needed a 2cm outdoor floor tiles for car parking area. The Chinese actually think that the Japanese are more rigorous and do things very seriously. Therefore, he asked us to provide the parameter table and certificate of the 2cm outdoor floor tiles.


2cm Outdoor Floor Tiles for yard


We have a very strong advantage in the 20mm outdoor floor tile. We are the earliest factory in China that produces 2cm porcelain floor tiles, and have lots styles that other factories cannot beyond. 2cm outdoor floor tiles, have many series, Basaltina, Yun stone, River, City, Jazz, Cassio (Sandstone), Granite, OlivianSolid, Brussels(Travertine), Trail(wood), Travertine, Quartz. Available size in 600*600mm, 600*1200mm, thickness 2cm and 10mm, Random Patterns designs, Anti Slip and Matt Surface. if you want to know about our 2cm outdoor tiles, please clik here to download brochures!


Non slip 2cm Outdoor Floor Tiles


We sent four free 2cm outdoor floor tiles samples (White, grey, dark grey, Black) for him, and he finally decided this grey 2cm outdoor floor tiles. When we produced this 2cm outdoor floor tiles according to the PI, Mr. KOJIRO directly with his colleague Come to China, inspected the goods. we are very happy to see him, and they like our Chinese tea very much. Haha, really a lovely friend.


Non Slip Grey 2cm Outdoor Floor Tiles


After the client's project was completed, he was very pleased to share us that the 2cm outdoor floor tiles paving effect was very good and sent some real photos to us. It's so nice to meet this customer. We learn that we should treat our work seriously and rigorously from him.


Foshan Grey 2cm Outdoor Floor Tiles


If you have any questions about 2cm outdoor tiles, or want to use this for your apartment, villa or hotel, please contact us as soon as possible to get Free samples.