Paul's Villa in Koh Samui, Thailand

Published by Realgres 2021-05-31

Client Name: Paul



  1. 600x600mm Rustic Grey Tile
  2. 300x600mm Matt Grey Wall Tile
  3. 150x900mm wood floor tile
  4. 600x600 terrazo tile


villa's feeback


It is a great honor to receive feedback from Thai customer Paul. I can’t believe that we have known each other for 5 years, but only today we started to write the story of me and this interesting customer. Paul has always focused on contracting projects for holiday villas. For this reason, he has his own design studio, just to build a leisure resort suitable for relaxation and vacation for clients.


 On July 12, 2016, we suddenly received a request from a Skype friend, and we met just like this. Paul’s villa project needs to compete with four local real estate companies. I tried my best to help him. To this end, I prepared many free samples for him, including 600x600mm light grey and dark grey porcelain tiles, matt surface, nice for wall and floor . For wood tiles, i selected 3 colors to send out, grey, white, brown. At the beginning of the project, PAUL was worried that the price of our products would be too high, which would give him no advantage over other competitors. In fact, our company Realgres has more than 10 years of experience in ceramic tile export, and we have a good understanding of the ceramic tile products in the market and know the cost of ceramic tile products. We have calculated all the costs clearly and told Paul that the quality of our tiles is absolutely worthy of the price. In order to make Paul more confident, I made three cost estimates for Paul. There are three prices for a product, making it more selective. After a week, Paul was very happy to tell me that they had won the project! I am very happy that our journey of cooperation has begun.


Our communication has always been through skype. Later, the reason why I was able to grow quickly was somewhat related to him, because he taught me a lot of professional knowledge that I could not learn. Gradually, he is no longer just a client of mine, but more like a "teacher". Many salesmen who have been working for many years will have the same feeling that their customers' personalities will gradually become more and more similar to themselves. Through our cooperation, Paul has become more and more aware of the Chinese ceramic tile market.


150x900mm wood tile for bedroom


wood floor  tile for bedroom


wood tile for wall and floor


rustic floor tile 60x60


gray rustic tile


 The feedback picture of the villa is really beautiful. The room directly faces the sea, relaxing and comfortable. The whole villa uses the idea of wood grain and cement. The shower room uses 300x600 grey rustic tile for wall, 600x600mm terrazo tile for floor. The bedroom uses real logs for the headboard decoration, and the floor uses 150x900mm brown porcelain tiles. Good design Matching tiles is simple but not simple.


300x600mm grey wall rustic tile


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