How to Choose China Porcelain Tiles Supplier in Alibaba | Australia Project

Published by Realgres 2021-05-31

Client Name: AJ Kumar

Country: Gold Coast, Australia

Products: 900x1800mm porcelain tiles


China Realgres Porcelain Tile supplier


Happy to receive feedback pictures of AJ Kumar's villa decoration. I believe that most of the friends who have been decorated know that decoration is a happy and painful thing. How to buy satisfactory tiles in a reasonable budget and find a reliable tile supplier is a headache for many homeowners. Especially in China, a large manufacturing country, how to choose a porcelain tile supplier is also a problem.


Large-scale B2B platforms, including Alibaba, Made in China. These are the two major B2B platforms in China, covering businesses in various industries. But it is still difficult to make a choice. Next, I will tell you how to choose porcelain tile suppliers on China's large B2B platforms. I believe you can't go wrong. Take ALIBABA as an example.


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1. Style. There are thousands of styles of porcelain tiles, different tile designs and specifications, and the prices are different, so it is very difficult for you to define the price of the product, unless you are in the business of a tile dealer and know the porcelain tile industry very well. But some people are not like that. Therefore, if you buy porcelain tiles for home decoration, the product style of a shop is an important reason for your choice. Because a very professional porcelain tile factory will focus on a certain style of products, not all products.


Realgres, as a porcelain tile factory that closely follows the trend of the world, has 15 years of export experience, focusing on the production and design of large format tiles, thin porcelain tiles and 2cm outdoor porcelain tiles for 3 years. In order to meet the different decorations of commercial buildings, high-end residences and villas Demand, our three flagship products have occupied a major position in this market.


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Large format tiles - We have the richest selection of patterns on the market for Chinese tile factories.

2cm outdoor porcelain tiles - With 12 product series, it has the most complete specifications and styles on the market in China's ceramic tile factories, and it is also the factory with the most cases in China's ceramic tile factories. In the first two years, our 2cm outdoor tile series has been applied to the garage of large-scale high-end commercial buildings. Placing 2cm porcelain tiles in a garage with super dense traffic and people is enough to show that our 2cm tiles have no problems in technical indicators.


China 2CM porcelain tiles supplier


Project Case 1: 2CM Dark Grey Porcelain Tiles Paving at BAPS Temple Project, USA

Project Case 2: Sydney Project | 2CM Wood Effect Outdoor Tile

Project Case 3:Granite 2CM Tiles | Art Exhibition Center | Chongqin, China


Thin Tiles - Have developed very maturely, but it is still an area that is in urgent need of development in China. However, Realgres Thin Tiles also have a lot of specifications and sizes, such as 600x1200x4.8mm, 900x1800x5.5mm, 1200x2400x5.5mm, 1200x3600x3mm...


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2. Price. This is of course an important indicator, but I think this is only for tile dealers and wholesalers. For the purchase of porcelain tiles for home decoration, the price is only a small factor. After all, everyone knows that expensive things always make sense. Let me give you an example. A 600x600mm tile will definitely be cheaper than a 600x1200mm tile, but many people have never considered that the square number of a 600x1200 and a 600x600mm tile is different. If it is for home use, of course, you must choose good quality porcelain tiles, otherwise the after-sales service will greatly affect the decoration progress.


Each company's product price positioning is different, depending on cost and technology. As a ceramic tile factory, Realgres owns Italian tile equipment, but the price is much lower than that of Italian porcelain tiles. This is also the main reason why many people choose China.


3. Strength. You can clearly see the establishment time of the supplier in ALIBABA, including the establishment time of the company profile, main products, company video and so on. The most important thing is that you can contact the salesperson of the porcelain tile supplier and let him introduce you to the relevant company and factory. This is a very obvious thing.


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As a porcelain tile factory and trading company, Realgres is a new modern Internet company focused on design and research and development. Realgres aims to reduce the cost of middlemen and directly give each customer a wholesale price, so that customers can get high-quality and low-cost ceramic tiles.


AJ Kumar’s villa is located on Australia’s Gold Coast and is a great place to relax on vacation. In fact, he didn't know what style and size of tiles he wanted at first. Large-slab tiles are already the trend and popularity of villa decoration. We sent the large-slab atlas for customers to choose in the first time. Kumar was very pleasantly surprised and chose several numbers. We checked the inventory for it, and immediately shot the real shots and videos of the product to confirm the effect to the customer. Kumar was very satisfied with this arrangement, and finally determined 900x1800mm gray tiles for living room, 900x1800 beige porcelain tile for bathroom wall, natural culture stone for wall. Its very special and beauty.


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900x1800mm porcelain tile supplier


If you are not familiar with Realgres, welcome to download our company profile and brochures to view our tile styles, so that you can choose the perfect porcelain tiles for your home.