600x1200mm Matt Tile for Kat’s Villa in UK

Published by Realgres 2021-05-31

Client Name: Kat

Country: London, UK

Products: 600x1200mm tile

Item No. : FG126H013

Surface: Matt / Rough surface




Happy to receive feedback pictures of Kat’s villa decoration. I believe that most of the friends who have been decorated know that decoration is a happy and painful thing. How to buy satisfactory tiles in a reasonable budget and find a reliable tile supplier is a headache for many homeowners. Especially in China, a large manufacturing country, how to choose a porcelain tile supplier is also a problem.


Foshan Real Building Material Co., Ltd is one of B2B company in Alibaba. Realgres focusing on the production and design of large format tiles, thin porcelain tiles and 2cm outdoor porcelain tiles for 3 years. In order to meet the different decorations of commercial buildings, high-end residences and villas Demand, our three flagship products have occupied a major position in this market.

As the villa owner’s Kat and she requires simplicity and elegance, with a sense of high quality. When decorating, each area needs to be made simple and atmospheric to meet the needs of life, which is both good-looking and practical.


600*1200mm  matt porcelain tile


600*1200mm outdoor matt porcelain tile


600*1200mm exterior matt porcelain tile


600*1200mm matt porcelain floor tile


From the pictures and we would be see this villa is very simple and atmosphere. Oatmeal, bright yellow , mocha time at this moment. And sit on the beach, that feeling is more rest.