Outdoor Patio Tile Non Slip On Grass

Product Specification:
  • Model : RBD60C606, RBD612C606
  • Size : 600x600mm, 600x1200mm
  • Materials : Porcelain
  • Thickness : 20mm
  • Surface : Matt
  • Water absorption : less than 0.5%
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Product Details

Outdoor Patio Tile Non Slip On Grass

Inspired by the rocks and shell fossils on the sea floor hundreds of millions of years ago, and based on the classic designs of Versailles Palace, Louvre Palace and Luxemburg palace, gray, white and coffee colors are used as the base colors, and the stones of different sizes are scattered on them, which has a strong sense of urban fashion.Each one is a classic romance, with simple European high-end color, showing the ultimate luxury.

Outdoor Patio Tile Non Slip On Grass

The advantages of 20mm Outdoor Patio Tile Non Slip On Grass

2cm Outdoor Patio Tile Non Slip On Grass


The technical characteristics of the porcelain stoneware double – along with the thickness – to meet the needs of any type of outdoor application.

  • The material – squared and rectified – has extremely high resistance to loads and traffic
  • It does not change color or size and it does not deteriorate over time
  • It is chemical resistant (including additives for pools and common household detergents)
  • It is weather resistant (rain and wind), salt, corrosion and mildew resistant
  • It is non-slip/non-skid (R11 A+B)
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not scratch
  • Frost and fire resistant
  • Does not require specific treatments or seasonal maintenance
  • The light colors, carefully selected, have a high solar reflectance index. In other words, the material does not absorb much heat and does not become hot to the touch.


2cm Outdoor Patio Tile Non Slip On Grass 60x120

Unlike other materials such as wood, natural stone and cement, porcelain stoneware is not porous and therefore it does not absorb liquids. This means that it does not stain or crack and it does not require surface treatments or special maintenance.

The product – obtained from a fusion of sands, clays and feldspar – is pressed at 400 kg/cm2 and fired at 1200 degrees Celsius to become a material with incomparable mechanical characteristics.

Outdoor Patio Tile Non Slip On Grass 60x120


You can choose the most suitable installation for each location:

  1. directly on gravel and sand (even on the beach)
  2. directly on grass
  3. raised installation with supports (fixed or adjustable feet)
  4. traditional installation with glues (on concrete slab)

The material can be easily removed to be repositioned elsewhere (if not glued).

China 2cm Outdoor Patio Tile Non Slip On Grass


20 mm porcelain tile is an innovative solution that is very versatile due to the numerous laying possibilities it offers: dry installation on grass or gavel, adhesive-based laying and installation for elevated floors.

2cm Outdoor Patio Tile Non Slip

Project Case

2CM thick outdoor tiles are one of our most popular series of exterior tiles. These tiles are more durable than 1 cm tiles, so they are the best choice for stylish terraces and are therefore very suitable for winter in the UK, summer in the Middle East.

  • Previously, 1 cm tiles were the preferred tiles for external use. Now, for various reasons, 2 cm tiles are becoming more and more popular. First, they are very tough and can work well in harsh or cold environments. 
  • Secondly, 2cm thick porcelain tiles are extremely versatile and can easily be moved around in case you change your mind of where best to place them, and they’re available in many different shapes, sizes and styles to ensure you have a great array of choice when choosing the best tile for your home project. Tiles also reduce allergies and are anti-slip, even when wet.
  • The most important is that 2cm thick outdoor tile have extremely high abrasion resistance and anti-slip effect, and can be used for projects of any size from residential to commercial and public places. 2cm thick outdoor porcelain tile are suitable for any external areas of the residence, including balconies, terraces, garden walkways, around pools, driveways and carports.
  • Commercial and public spaces can include open-air restaurant areas, shopping malls, sidewalks and sidewalks, urban open spaces and plazas. Their excellent high tensile strength also makes 2cm thick porcelain tiles suitable for vehicle passages and ramps, but they must be adhered to the scraper in these areas.

Outdoor Patio Tile Non Slip On Grass for Sydney

2CM Wood Effect Outdoor Tile | Sydney Project | Realgres


Outdoor Patio Tile Non Slip On Grass for Bahrain

2cm Outdoor Porcelain Tiles | Bahrain Shopping Mall Project


Outdoor Patio Tile Non Slip On Grass for garden

Granite 2CM Tiles | Art Exhibition Center | Chongqin, China 

Outdoor Tile Accessory

Outdoor Patio Tile Non Slip On Grass for water drain


Water Drain Customize


Finished: Water-jet cutting for the hole and edge .

Size:3 00x600mm , Hole:135x25mm

Application: Surround the swimming pool , garden side , parking area .

Function:Rain water and swimming pool water flow system.

Water Drain Customize

Model: RW60206

Finished: Water-jet cutting for the hole and edge .

Size: 300x600mm, Hole:135x25mm

Application: Surround the swimming pool, garden side, parking area .

Function: Rain water and swimming pool water flow system.

Outdoor Patio Tile Non Slip for water drain

2cm Outdoor Patio Tile for stair


Model: RS60206

Depth of groove: 2mm, Width of groove: 2mm

Finished: Water-jet cutting, with 3 anti slip groove  

Size: Thread :300x600mm/1200x300mm , Raiser:150x600/150x1200mm

Application : Decking , Landscape , Garden , outdoor area.

Function: Avoid raining and wet area step safety with 3 anti slip groove .



How to install Outdoor Tile



China 2cm Outdoor Patio Tile Non Slip On GrassFoshan 2cm tile



Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Pcs/Ctn SQM/Ctns Ctns/20' SQM/20'
600 x 600 20 2 20 422 303.84
600 x 1200 20 1 43



China 2cm porcelain tile packing

China 2cm porcelain tile supplier


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